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McLaughlin Mercer is a U.S. based  company in the business of delivering expert support services to individuals, small, medium and large companies.  With our expertise in media, business and consumer research, marketing and creative print design services, you can tap into a cost-effective business resource.

McLaughlin Mercer’s innovative approach results in solutions that get our clients noticed for all the right reasons.



Our dedicated team of consultants have developed widely successful approaches to sales, market research, and strategic marketing in broadcast TV, radio, newspaper, cable TV, online and other digital technologies.  Our best successes have been with clients we have helped to develop tactical marketing plans, press kits, websites, ad sales strategies and promotions based on research, key trends and a real understanding of who they are trying to reach. This approach,  coupled with our unique creativity delivers services and products that support our clients’ goals and missions, and help them achieve their business objectives.  


Creativity teams with skill to deliver exceptional print design services to our clients.   We can help you create high-impact, memorable print materials for all of your special occasions:

  • Specialty Cards & Event Booklets

  • Funeral Memorial Booklets



Click CLIENT REVIEWS  to see what they say about us!

McLaughlin Mercer is your cost-effective solution for creative print, media, research & marketing services.
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